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Some banks fearing loan lending: branch new private loans are not granted

four lines are being repaired in relative prices pose low credit status. Shanghai daily reporter was informed that, as at 24th August new lending has grown by four rows of 17th 56 billion to 131 billion. However, this data corresponds to the changes was not optimistic vision of the industry, said Bank operations, due to increased pressure markedly bad assets, some banks reluctant to lend, the fear of credit sentiment.

four major lines of credit last week rebounded

put data on four rows, after undergoing a month of sluggish credit growth, into the end of the month, commercial bank lending capacity is restored, only from 18th to 24th for one week, four new loans amounted to 75 billion yuan. Although the credit data showed warming, but found that the real demand for credit remains worrying.

July financial data diving is considered to be a landmark event in the industry. It has been observed that since 2013 shadow banking supervision started, often presented on the balance sheet of commercial banks out of the table, table, expand "reverse" characteristic of the movement, that is, if your credit is inhibited, commercial banks ' off-balance sheet expansion would accelerate and vice versa have also set up, off-balance sheet business is restrained, credit Bank will use a table to fill. However, in July this year not only loans even diving table memory, off-balance sheet financing, such as trust loans, not discounted bank acceptance bills are also shrinking dramatically.

in July, only 385.2 billion the amount of new loans in all financial institutions, far below market expectations of more than 700 billion, much lower than over the same period in recent years. Central Bank convened a rare media explained monthly credit data, to appease the market pessimism.

analysts were of the view that confidence has led to shrinking credit, in the context of macroeconomic trend is unknown, bad rebounding pressure surge, commercial bank lending mood significantly.


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