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Guangzhou China financial service company, was founded in February 2008, is registered by the Guangzhou Municipal Government set up a private security agency. Total guarantee fund of 10 million Yuan. Credit, financing of small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Guangzhou enterprises SME lending, SME Bank lending, Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou, small business loans, small and micro credit, business loans, small loan company, Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou company credit, Guangzhou, Guangzhou company loans small business credit, small business loans in Guangzhou. For SMEs to financial institutions mainly engaged in loans, bills discounting, leasing and other warranties, guarantees and economic information, consulting and other services. Company brought together a large number of finance, guarantee business-savvy talent, staff specializes in covering the financial, legal, financial, management, and so on, all have a university degree, are a professional team with a reasonable business. Companies under the sharing credit audit risk management, marketing management, lending Department, Ministry of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of finance. With the company's business development and business growth, proceed to the second-hand housing mortgage, car or mortgage loans, borrow from wholesale funding, financing and other business. With professional, honest service, establish a good corporate image, and modern enterprise operation strategy, the company entered the sound stage of development. Company and Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Construction Bank, Industrial Bank, the agricultural Bank of China, industrial and commercial bank, China Everbright Bank and other financial institutions have established a wide range of business partnerships. Solid financial strength, fast and flexible decision-making mechanism, ensure Guangzhou China financial services companies to provide customers with fast and efficient, multi-faceted service.

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